Frequently Asked Questions


Are you available for my wedding date?

We hope so! Use our contact form to inquire. We look forward to hearing from you!

When should we book you?

We accept a limited number of weddings throughout the year, with the summer months typically booking up first. We typically secure our bookings about 12 months in advance but you never know so send us an email!

How would you describe your style?

Directed documentary. We love watching moments unfold, but we also love getting creative. So we’re totally direct and do a little bit of organizing to get the shot. This works especially well if you’re feeling awkward in front of the camera during our portrait session. Don’t worry! We will give you instructions and tell you what to do. Directed documentary for us means bringing you into a beautiful space and giving you something to do while you’re there. That way you won’t feel all stiff and posed and your images or film will actually showcase who you are!

Who are the photographers / filmmakers?

Steph is our primary photographer. If you’ve hired a second shooter as part of your package, Matt will be joining us!

Matt is our primary filmmaker. If you’ve hired a second shooter as part of your package, we are always super excited and fortunate to work with Rob Viscardis!

How many images will I get?

When we shoot, we are always watching for moments and connections between people. We want to capture that look between a father and a daughter, or that emotional reaction you never thought you’d have when reading your loved ones note on your wedding day, or a candid photo of you with your grandparent. The amount of images you get can vary depending on these moments. We don’t need to give you a bagillion images of the day, but a carefully curated selection that we put a ton of thought and love into.

At the end of the day, the image count does depend on how much time we’re actually shooting, the amount of time we have for photos, the amount of locations we have available or need to travel to, any restrictions at these locations, and how willing you and your family and friends are to be photographed!

On average, you can expect around 800 for a full day with two photographers.

What do your wedding packages include?

Our wedding packages are organized by event and include everything you need to get amazing photos! Learn more about our packages.


Do you travel for weddings? Does it cost more?

We love to travel! If you’re wedding is outside of Peterborough by 1 hour, then we charge a basic travel fee to cover our costs.

Learn more about our packages.

Do you shoot Destination Weddings?

We’d love to! As long as we’re a good match destination wise and it fits into our calendar, we’re game!

Learn more about our destination wedding fees here. 

Are you unobtrusive while you work?

We do our best to be invisible, but we are not afraid to step-in and get the job done! We are very cognisant of the guest experience and do not want to disrupt the reason you’ve brought everyone together.

In general, we’re also really quiet and chill people. Our clients have noted how easily we blend in and work alongside their family and friends and really enjoy that part of the experience of working with us.

Who chooses the music for our video?

Matt puts a lot of thought and care into choosing the music for each individual couple and for each piece he creates. This is something that sets us apart in the wedding video industry as we don’t rely on popular music for our selection. We, sometimes painstakingly, have spent hours pouring over music in order to find the perfect piece.

Music is incredibly important to our editing process and dictates how we end up using our footage. So while we totally understand you’ve got “your song” for your wedding day, trust us to deliver a product that gives you all the feels, and leave that song for the dance floor ;)

When do we get our photos?

We do our best to deliver your photos as fast as possible and it can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks and up to 16 in our busy season.  Because we spend so much time in-house carefully selecting, editing and presenting your images, it takes a bit of time.