The Now Project - February

The Now Project created by Erin Lester.

Is a project and intention to photograph every day moments. It's a reason for us to forget the technical and the perfect and just document our lives. We're so busy taking care of everyone else, that we often forget ourselves! So this is our goal this year to get in front of the camera and photograph our family, good, bad, and mundane! 


In February

Elsa helped with the eggs quite a few times, a glimpse into her future self. She really loves to help. She's growing like a weed lately and I feel like once she's 3, I'll no longer have babies anymore. So seeing her this small and showing this big milestones, like mixing eggs in a bowl is important because I never want to forget it!  Helping is a big task! 

Near the end of this month they both attended the party of a classmate and Rowan had his face painted like a racoon. I never expected to be so.... enthralled by face paint? but his racoon face made him look like such a different kid! It was so cool! I'm gushing but it was really neat to see him transform. Our photoshoot with him was ridiculous! This kid loves to work it for the camera hence the ton of photos of him posing for me. Ah-mazing! 

Other than that, it's just breakfast at the little table like usual.