C-Section Birth

Kristy contacted me well in advance of her birth. She knew that she might need a c-section but also really wanted to document the birth of her daughter. Could she do both? What would happen if labour didn't happen on it's own? What if it did? Would it be possible for me to come into the OR with them?

We exchanged a few emails and then met for coffee at Amuse to chat about her previous birth experiences, any hesitations her husband was having, and then go over what our plan was to make sure we captured those beautiful moments of her birth and first moments with the newest addition to their family. 

We came up with a strategy of really involving her health care team. She reached out to the manager at the hospital and had several conversations with her doctor. I can advocate until the cows come home, but ultimately, the expecting mama is the patient, not me. Thankfully, we have an awesome team at PRHC and Kristy's doctor agreed! 

Although a c-section is no easy task, it was lovely for me, as the birth photographer, to have a set date and time to meet Kristy and her partner at the hospital. Shout-out to Amy-Jo who was the best nurse ever. This was my first time photographing a c-section and Amy-Jo was amazing with Kristy and her family, but was also so kind as to show me the OR before surgery and help me navigate where I needed to go. She laid out the rules for me so that I could do my work and the doctors and nurses could do theirs. 

I was really excited! Although the scrubs and mask weren't my favourite wardrobe choice I would don them any day to be able to do this again! The medical side of a c-section is so cool! I learned all about emergency vs scheduled sections. Did you know Dr.s can birth a baby in less than a minute in an emergency? It takes about 6-9 in a scheduled section. Although I'm SO not a sciencey person, this is when I think science is pretty cool. 

Literally, within 10 minutes, Kristy and her partner went from pregnant to welcoming baby Nora! It's a whole different set of wild emotions to encounter. It was so beautiful to watch them meet their daughter. Kristy was super strong throughout the surgery, assuring her partner she was safe and fine and just took in the GORGEOUSNESS of her daughter. Her lips are to die for.

Shortly after Jay and I left so they could finish up and baby Nora could be checked out again. Jay was able to meet their family and give them the good news. It was so cute to watch Kristy's mom JUMP up and down with so much joy. Everyone came in to recovery for a snuggle. It wasn't long before they were whisked away to a postpartum room to snuggle in and get some much needed rest. 

Thank you Kristy for advocating for me to be there with you all and share in this amazing birth. I am so honoured!